Bacchus suddenly and unexpectedly had to go to the Rainbow Bridge on May 9th. He collapsed with pale gums and an ultrasound confirmed a mass on his spleen, enlarged lymph nodes and bleeding into his belly. I brought him back home to love on him. My sister and my parents came to see him and say goodbye. Then just he and I had a couple hours of snuggles before I brought him back to the vet to say goodbye. He passed very peacefully. I adopted Bacchus in December 2012. He was such a little peanut! He was a crazy puppy and teenager, but he grew into a really great dog. He was deaf, but that didn’t affect him in anyway. He was a momma’s boy for sure. He always needed to know where I was. He loved to be outside. Whether that meant taking a walk around the neighborhood, or doing his favorite thing-laying on the deck in the sun. He was 11 1/2 years old, but no one believed that. He didn’t look it or act like it. His sudden passing has been difficult and he will be deeply missed. My house and my heart are so empty without him. 

Angela Johnson