More foster homes = more rescued dogs!!!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster for Minnesota Boxer Rescue.

Our foster homes are the center and the heart of this organization. The number of Boxers that we are able to rescue and re-home is directly related to the number of open foster homes we have.

Our foster homes are thoroughly screened to ensure they are able to provide a good, safe, structured, and loving environment for our dogs in rescue.  

Although a lot of our dogs are surrendered by their owners so we have information on their background, often we know very little about the dogs coming into rescue.  Our foster homes take great care and time in assessing them to make sure they are healthy, stable, and socialized.  Our foster homes also play a significant role in assessing potential adopters so we can be sure our Boxers are going to the best possible home for their temperament and needs.



To be a foster, you must:

  • Have a genuine interest in the care of rescued animals and willingness to work  with the uniqueness of each dog — challenges included!
  • Have a proven history of the best possible care for you own animals, including current vaccinations
  • Positive personal and vet references
  • Have patience and time
  • Be able to provide a safe, structured, and loving environment
  • Love for the boxer breed!

considering adopting but not sure if you want another permanent Boxer in the house?

Try fostering – you can experience the different personalities of our wonderful pups!!!

 If you have any questions about fostering or the process, please contact our Foster Coordinator at

Ruff Starts

We are also looking for foster families who are willing to take in dogs with especially “ruff” starts. These dogs are best fostered in homes that have experience with alpha dog behavior. We also are in need of foster homes without cats or young children.

Dogs Available for Foster

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