Rainbow Bridge – Lucy


It has taken us a little bit to accept this because it came on so fast.  She was wonderful, she fit right in with our family and we loved her to death.  She was the best. 

At first we weren’t sure since we have a cat, and the first day we brought her home she chased Daisy down the hall, but after working with her they became the best of buds. 

She was super smart.  We live on a lake and she really enjoyed just going down to the water and just laying there enjoying the sun.  She absolutely LOVED the pontoon rides.  I couldn’t go too far without her right behind me. 

We had just started her on a special diet food to lose some weight.  It was too bad that we had to get her fixed because after that she gained about 40 lbs.  We tried with walking but that wasn’t working so we just had started the special diet food and she was doing great on that.

A month on the special dog food she started tilting her head so we took her to the vet they tried to treat for inner ear but they weren’t sure of that but after 3 weeks there was no change and then immediately she went down hill, they were thinking it was a possible tumor.  So needless to say we had to put her down we have been so lonesome without her. 

She was the BEST!!!! We might be interested in rescuing in the future if possible since we had such good luck with Lucy.  Thanks for listening.

Larry and Pat