Rainbow Bridge – Paislee


It’s with very heavy heart that we regret to inform you that our sweet Paislee girl passed away on Saturday.

11 years ago we decided to foster our first boxer from MN Boxer Rescue. The minute we met sweet Paislee we fell in love and adopted her right away! For the last 11 years Paislee has been nothings short of amazing. The absolutely perfect family dog, patient with every child she came into contact with, hilariously playful and so in tune with the emotions of her people. She wasn’t the typical white boxer as she had these beautiful, bright eyes with what appeared to be black eyeliner encircling them. Her eyes had the ability to look deep into your soul and communicate. Though she wasn’t deemed an emotional support dog, she was our daily support, enduring millions of hugs and kisses over her lifetime. She was so in tune with her people that she always knew exactly what we needed when we needed it. She matched personalities with us like I’ve never seen before. When we were calm, she was calm; when we wanted to play, she wanted to play. She welcomed our children as babies protecting them dearly and always treated them with love and patience. They were given the gift of the most perfect family dog in Paislee, the epitome of love here on earth. Riding in the front seat of the car was her happiest place and we rarely went anywhere without her. She loved sunbathing, boat rides and being outside with her family. It is painfully quiet in our house without Paislee and we are missing her deep snores which could be heard echoing throughout the house! Sweet girl we hope you are chasing the sun, free of pain until we meet again in heaven…🐶❤️🌈


All the best,
Erin & David Buye