Rainbow Bridge – Tyson


It is with heavy hearts that we are writing to say that we lost a very special member of our family, our beloved Thor. He was known to MBR as Tyson. He was surrendered to MBR after the Texas hurricane in 2017. When he arrived in Minnesota he was “skin and bones” and it was discovered that he had heart worm.

We were allowed to foster him while he underwent his medical treatments and once Dr. Sven gave him a clean bill of health, we were allowed to adopt him and what a great day that was. Through good food, and his help licking an occasional ice cream bowl, he was able to get back to a proper body weight. After a rough start he lived a very happy and healthy life. 

Unfortunately, this year turned out to be a challenge for him. He developed a degenerative spinal disease that was not treatable. He slowly lost the use of his hind legs. Although he had been an incredible athlete his temperament did not change as he lost his ability to walk. He was always content to just lay on his bed and look out the window or to cuddle with his people.

The joy he brought to our home will be greatly missed.

John, Kari and Zachary Miller.