Success Story – Why We Adopted a Senior

After losing two senior dogs, followed by two extremely quiet months without a four-legged friend, we chose to adopt a senior boxer through Minnesota Boxer Rescue. We chose a senior because we wanted to give them a second chance at life, and enjoy being part of our boxer-loving family. We couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be having to make a life change as a senior dog, and we had lots of love to give.

We adopted Layla last summer. She was an 8-year old brindle with a twinkle in her eyes and unbounding energy!! It was love at first sight for all of us! We brought her home to a house full of treats, toys, and a LOT of affection. We spoil her as much as we can, and love every minute of it. It has been fun introducing her to new things. She tilts her head back and forth listening to something new, and we all laugh at her antics. Just because she is 8 years old, don’t think she isn’t frisky!! She gets several walks a day, pup cups on the weekends, plays with neighborhood pups, and keeps busy following us around the house as she is a very curious girl.

We are so very happy that we adopted a senior, have given her a loving home, and she made our hearts full.

The Shoens